Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new things GOD has for you

Oftentimes, people set out to accomplish their dreams, but they face a setback or disappointment, and then they feel like their time has passed.Or they feel lost, and cant seem to hold on to their dream, others have  responsibilities throws them off course. But let me tell you today, no matter where you’ve come from, no matter what’s happened in your past, God wants to make you new. He wants to give you a fresh start. If you feel like you’ve missed opportunities in your life, if you feel like your time has passed, remember, today is a new day. You are a new person, and God has new opportunities in store for you. Lift up your eyes of faith and look forward to the new thing God has for you in this New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

His love is upon you

Today let me reassure you that God knows right where you are, and He knows how to get you where you need to be. Even when things don’t go the way you planned, His hand AND LOVE is upon you. Do not be afraid. Trust that God is working behind the scenes on your behalf, that He will fulfill your dreams and lead you into the life of blessing that He has prepared for you.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

the sweetest things in life are free

looks so good please have one

the end result.... enjoy

This Christmas, I encourage you to trust God a little bit more. Believe that whatever you do or give with love for —the poor, the hungry, the sick, people in prison and those who are neglected and alone—will be done for you also.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good will come back to you........


Make this Christmas season the first of many seasons focused on what matters in life -people and the way you treat them.

Focus on doing good and good will come back to you. Don't allow yourself to be weighed down by worries and concerns; instead, trust God and do good to others because you can make a lasting impact with little gestures

Monday, December 6, 2010

Value the moments

For the last couple of days family and friend have gathered together to color. I began to join and slowly i realized what a calming and uplifting moment it was for my soul. I felt calm and spiritualy re-freshed. i realized then that iwas taking those moments for granted. it was then that i decided that coloring is a wondeful hobby

Sometimes our days can be so full and busy that we forget how fragile life really is. It’s easy to allow little things to creep in and steal our peace and joy. Maybe something doesn’t go our way or someone says something upsetting. Even traffic can cause us to lose focus if we let it. We have to remember that each day is a gift. If we choose to focus on what’s wrong, we’ll miss the beauty that each day has to offer.

I encourage you today; don’t let the precious moments of life pass you by. Don’t wait for holidays and birthdays to show people that you care. Remember, each day is unique and irreplaceable. You have been given time that can be invested or wasted; hours that can be used or misused. That’s why the psalmist prayed to God, “Teach us to number our days.”


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let GOD settle your case

Every person on earth has experienced difficulty. We've all had times when we've been hurt, wronged or taken advantage of. But God is a just God. Hebrews 10:30 tells us that He will repay us the exact compensation owed to us. He is the one to settle and solve the cases of His people.

Do you need a case settled today? Maybe you've had unfair things happen. Maybe somebody stole your childhood or left you with a bunch of children to raise by yourself. Perhaps a business partner cheated you, and you lost a lot of money. You could easily be angry and bitter, trying to pay them back. But instead, be encouraged because God is a just God. He knows every person who has hurt you. He has seen every person who has violated you or left you alone and afraid. Nobody else may have seen it, but God saw it; and He knew it wasn't right. Today, He is saying, "I'm going to settle your cases. I'm going to make your wrongs right."

Friend, God never brings you out the same; He always brings you out better. He will make the enemy pay for bringing that injustice into your life. Do your part and let it go. When you choose to forgive, you are handing everything over to God. When you forgive, you open the door for His forgiveness and redemption in your own live. Today, choose forgiveness and let God be your vindicator. Let Him settle your cases because He promises to repay you double in this life!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A simple key......

Have you ever woken up and thought it was the best day of your life just because you could see? It's interesting how quickly our perspective changes when we find out we might not have something that we take for granted.
I want to encourage you today to thank God for the things you've already been blessed with. If you can see, talk or walk, be grateful. If you have friends, family or opportunities, learn to appreciate them. Don't go around complaining about what's wrong; instead, change your focus. I heard somebody say once, "Instead of complaining that your hair is turning gray, be grateful that it's not turning loose!"
Staying grateful is a key to living a happy life. If you're constantly thanking God for His goodness, meditating on what He has done, thinking about how He has blessed you, you're headed in the right direction. You're opening the door for Him to move on your behalf and set you up for victory all the days of your life!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Face-to-face .........

In this day of e-mail, text messages, and cell phones, taking for personal visits is not always a priority. i myself am guilty of that. When was the last time you had a face to face visit with a fellow Friend?????

while there are many ways to communicate there is no substitute for taking time to fellowship and share your love, experiences, family, laughter and gods word with a friend. I encourage that today you stop and think of who in your life is in need of a face-to face visit..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enjoy your journey........

Life has its course! sometime it seems you are always putting out fires, or fixing or finding solutions. We are always moving towards some objective in our lives. As soon as we finish one another will take its place We are always extending our faith one type of struggle or another. Whatever we are believing god for right now cold happen a year from now, but by that time we will be believing or praying to god about something else. I share with you that we are always will be going to spend the majority of our lives waiting for something we should learn to enjoy life as it unfolds. If we do not life will pass us by, and we will never enjoy where we are right now.. don't let struggles steal your joy today choose to be joyous at all times..

Monday, October 18, 2010

pause and reflect...

"begin with loyalty and justice with yourself" by Miguel Ruiz

"learn to see, not just beleive in what you hear but learn to see truth and speak truth" by Miguel Ruiz

do you have the courage to speak agains injustice? I will admit sometimes I allow fear to steal my joy and enthusiasm to speak against injustice. But through my friend Se'Lah I have learned that love is powerful, that one random of act of kindness can make a difference, that a smile to a stranger may bring joy.... one love...

please take a moment to read this thought-provoking post, reflecting.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Where ever you are.....

In this day and age, many people are filled with worry about their future. They live stressed out, wondering, “What’s going to happen if I get laid off?” “How am I going to handle it if my loved one doesn’t make it?” Or, “My parents are getting older. How can I take care of them and my own family as well?” Here is the answer: God’s grace is going to be there at every stage of your weather is at school, on vacation, or just sitting , praying, God will meet you where ever you are in life to help you do whatever you need to do.
See, God’s grace is what saves us, but that’s not all. Grace is God’s enabling power. His grace will give you the strength, wisdom and favor to accomplish what you could not normally accomplish on your own. His grace is sufficient for whatever you need in your future.

But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out His special favor on me — and not without results. For I have worked harder than any of the other apostles; yet it was not I but God who was working through me by His grace”(1 Corinthians 15:10, NLT)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Focus on Love.....

Let me encourage you to get up every day and focus on what you do have in life. Be thankful for the blessings of the little things, even when you don't get what you expect. As you keep your mind and heart focused in the right direction, approaching each day with faith and gratitude, I believe you will be empowered to live life to the fullest and enjoy the abundant life He has promised you!

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Play......

Several days ago as i was cleaning my closet i found some Jacks. Wow did it bring back memories. I used to love playing this game. i decided to play for a few minutes, a few minutes turned into an hour. It was the best hour of my life. I was at peace full of joy and love. I could not contain my laughter as i played and lost and played again.

"the law of love could be best understood and learned throughout little children" by Mahatma Gandhi....

At some point we stopped playing and having fun like when we were children. As we became adults we became more serious bout life. But you know what seriousness brings serious circumstances into our lives... When you play and have fun you feel really good and feel good about your challenges and circumstances. My friends don't forget life is suppose to be fun. Play with your imagination. Laugh, skip, run, fly a kite, play jacks, play with your old dolls, the point is just play... enjoy life

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some helpfull tips on controlling our thoughts......

Did you know you can be free from negative thinking? The first step to your freedom is facing the truth and saying, "I'm a negative person and I want to change." If you really want to, you can overcome it because according to the Bible, you're a new person in Christ

Here are some tips that have helped me learn to control my thoughts

find out what may be blocking any positive progress.

Identify Your Obstacles

Have you ever thought that nothing good is going to happen to you? Maybe you've even said something like "If I don't expect anything good to happen, I won't be disappointed if it doesn't." These thoughts are obstacles in your mind, and simply recognizing them will pave the way to your freedom.
Practice the Positive

Once you've identified any obstacles, the next step is to start practicing being positive in all kinds of situations.
Say What God's Word Says

Nearly everything God has brought me through has happened by believing and confessing His Word. I recommend that you not only purposely think right thoughts, but that you go the extra mile and speak them out loud as personal confessions of faith

I encourage you to spend time examining His Word and comparing it to your thought life. Give God time to help you put your thoughts in line with His. Make up your mind to work toward changing your way of thinking. I've found the best way to become a positive thinker is to ask God for a lot of help—and to ask for it often.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 Minutes of Turbulence....

A year ago I was on a flight to D.R. That plane was shaking so violently you'd have thought it was going to break apart. And trying to stay faithfull I thought, "This is it! It's over. There is no way we're going to make it through." But sure enough after about ten minutes that seemed like an eternity, we made it through the turbulence, and it was just as calm and smooth as it was before. An hour or two later, we landed safely at our destination.
I've found that's the way it is in life sometimes. We're going along and everything is just fine—you have a good job, you're healthy, the children are blessed. Then you hit some turbulence. You get a negative medical report. A relationship goes through a storm. You're named in a lawsuit. Your mind tells you, "This is the way it's always going to be. You're never going to get well. That lawsuit is going to sink you. The relationship is never going to work out." No, let me assure you, you're just in a part of your "ten minutes of turbulence." Things may look really bad, but this too shall pass. God is still on the throne. He has brought you safe and sound this far, and He's going to carry you through. Just because it's rocky and people around you are hollering and you feel like panicking, doesn't mean it's over. Sooner or later you're going to come through that turbulence, and it's going to be just as smooth and calm as it was before.
Maybe you're going through your ten minutes of turbulence right now. I've heard it said, "Trouble is inevitable, but misery is optional." You may be in the midst of a storm, but don't let that storm get in you. The way you fight through is to keep your focus on Jesus. Keep singing His praise because praise precedes the victory. Hold on to Him and let Him carry you to the place of safety and peace today.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Things aren't always as they appear. Sometimes what seems to be the end is really just a new beginning. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.
I remember a time when it felt like nothing could go right. The whole world appeared to be teamed up against me. But I kept on moving forward, even when I couldn't tell exactly where I was going.
all the yesterdays weighing me down and holding me back. It is true that if you live in the past you cant see the present, or if you cant move one from the past you will never have a bright future. It’s time for a new beginning. I will stop carrying those heavy burdens around anymore. I will Choose to forgive those who have hurt me and praise God for what He’s doing in my life today. If nothing else, I’ll start thanking Him for the beautiful sunrise. Thank him for restoring me , even if you don’t see it yet. Just like this verse says, you will be as strong and secure as a tall oak tree, displaying His splendor all the days of your life!
“Provide for those who grieve...a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor”(Isaiah 61:3, NIV)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

IT WILL PASS........

Every trial, every adversity is a defining moment in our lives. Those difficulties can either hold us back, or they can propel us forward into the good things God has for us. We decide how those things will affect our lives by the attitude we choose. If we choose to be bitter and upset constantly complaining about what's happening, we aren't going to get very far. But if we choose to have a positive attitude of faith, if we choose to find joy even in the midst of our trials, we can move forward in His peace and joy. Today, make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how long it takes, or impossible it looks, you are in it for the long haul. Don't give up your passion! Press past discouragement because victory is already on the way. Are you in a difficult season right now? Maybe you have plenty of reasons to be sour and live down and discouraged. Perhaps you're struggling in your finances or you don't feel well physically. Maybe a relationship is giving you trouble. It would be easy to settle there and think, "You know what? Forget it. It's not going to work out." But, I've found that in order to be everything God has created us to be, we've got to dig our heels in and say, "I have come too far to stop now. It may be tough. It may be taking a long time. I may not understand it but I do know this: my God is still on the Throne and what He promised He will bring to pass."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Forgiveness is not easy.....

there are times that forgiveness doesn't come easy. people that offend you, reject you, hurt you, are the first people you want to seek vengeance on. your emotions are raw, and you would like to take matters into your own hands. But i have learned that God is a god of justice, he will fight your battles he is your lawyer and will seek justice on your behalf. I have seen this in my life. God fought a battle for me, but he only went to war on my behalf when i let go and forgave the people that offended me. my Friends the first thing you want is to get even i know i understand, but give it to god, his justice is more powerful then your own.

You, may be required to do a hard thing, but God has given you the grace for the season that you're in.

That difficulty is not going to last forever. In the hard times, you have to keep reminding yourself that a reward is coming. God has promised that He will give you beauty for your ashes. He will pay you back for the sacrifices that you have made.Be encouraged today because your payday may be right around the corner. Keep doing the right thing even when it's hard, even when you don't see change. God is still working in your situation. Keep praying, keep hoping and keep believing because God wants to pour out His favor and blessing on every area of your life.

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work" (2 Corinthians 9:8, NIV).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Faith is Confidence in GOD

Confidence and faith are virtually synonymous sometimes they can be interchanged without losing the context of what is being said at all I can give a long fancy definition of faith, but let us boil it down FAITH IS CONFIDENCE IN GOD. in simple terms faith is the act of knowing that if god say s he will do something he will do it. Even it does not look like he is doing it right now, it will come to pass in his timing if we remain confident in him.

blessings my friends, and don't give up, hold on to God and his strength he will help you through difficult times.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

By his grace....

i asked god, and he did not turn away. he did answer me but the answer i received was not what i expected. I'm surprised, baffled and lost. I do know this though, that God's will for me is perfect. I will follow his path, and choose to see this change as a positive stepping stone. god's grace is going to be there at every turn and corners of this new change. His grace is power, his grace will give me the strength, wisdom and favor to accomplish what i cant do in my own strength. It is gods way of letting me know he is in control, if i want his perfect will for my life then i must follow and abide by his word. I wont lie, it is difficult, scary and overwhelming. But i will step out in faith and allow god to guide me. Wish me luck my friends a new chapter is being introduced in my life. The first page so far is blank, but the first couple of words i know are these:

"but whatever I am now, it is all because god poured out his special favor on me and not with9out results. for i have worked harder than any of the others yet it was not I but GOD who was working through me by his grace" (1COR: 15:10)

I will keep you posted my friends, god bless you all and please whatever is going in your life, by faith let GOD empower you to walk through that difficulty.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


the real me is very unorganized, indecisive, and procrastinator. But that's not who i want to be. One day i attacked my closet with such force and anger, that i really was attacking my self, my old self. I hated the clutter. I decided to declutter my closet, i became obsessed with it. I tackled my whole house after. For few weeks i was a woman possessed, decluttering the house from top to bottom. but what i was doing was cleaning my soul, i asked myself 3 questions. is it useful, is it beautiful? does it add meaning to my life? ...
i was talking to my soul. I wanted to get rid of the anger, bitterness, resentment, loneliness inside me that was cluttering my soul, and spirit. decluttering forced me to let go of the past. It created an opening for a new me, a beginning to a new me. It never was about cleaning my closet but cleaning my life, my way of thinking, my soul. It was an opening to allow new experiences for leisure and romance, creativity and serenity. New hobbies new friends, new goals and a new vision. when you finally let go of the person you used to be, you get to discover the person you are now and the person you want to become.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Some people have a stronghold that tells them, "You're never going to be successful. You've just had too much come against you in life. You don't really have the education you need. You will never get married. You're not talented enough. You don't come from the right family.You will never get out of debt."
No, if you believe those lies, you will never reach your full potential. God's Word says that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength! It doesn't matter where you've come from, you are well able to accomplish the dreams and desires He's placed in your heart.

I'm challenging you today to change your thinking and break those strongholds by the power of Almighty God. Breaking strongholds is like reprogramming a computer. You have to rewrite the information in your mind. It is not easy, and yes you are will have to practice and practice. You have to start thinking like God thinks by meditating on His Word. Focus on the truth that God is a good God, and He has a great plan. As you renew your mind to the Word of God, you will break those strongholds and set yourself on a path of victory in every area of your life!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


There was a time in my life that i felt alone, rejected, and just plain lonely. I felt moments of despair. i wanted to give up on life, on myself. Then when i look up at the heavens and scream and cry out father gods name something always happens. A burst of strength enters my body. The holy spirit stirs me up. I start to feel good and alive. In my spiritual walk, i have endured many things. But what i have learned is this..

Negative attitude and complaining will solve nothing, it will only bring me more negativity in your life. When you want to give up look up and cry for gods help, he is always there and ready to send you blessings. My attitude today is , Sinus infection, flue, pulled muscle, loneliness, finance issues. NO PROBLEM, So what i say, fear? who cares. I used to be afraid of loneliness and rejection , NOW no more. I speak up with no regrets , no fears no holding back. God is with me therefore who dares be against me. I enjoy the little blessings in my life and treasure it. shake off offenses and move on. i say if life is going to send you negativity so be it, just dig in your heels and move forward. god loves you and he has you at the palm of his hands . he is watching you and aligning all in your favor for great blessings.. all it takes is forgiveness's, kindness, and a little boldness.. god bless you my friends, and don't give up god is next to you behind you and all around you..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

quietness of the heart.

I've kept these words of an anonymous author in my heart:

Humility is perpetual quietness of heart.

is is to have no trouble

it is never to be fretted or vexed, irritable or sore; to wonder at nothing that is done to me to feel nothing done against me, it is to be at rest when nobody praises me and when i am blamed or despised is is to have a blessed home in myself where i can go in and shut the door and kneel to my father in secret and be at peace, as in a deep sea of calmness, when all around and about is seeming trouble.

that's what i truly want underneath my strong image all i want is to be at rest when nobody praises me i believe that is true freedom. sometimes i must ask god to point me to true north, true humility true peace. It doesn't matter one whit what anyone thinks of me i will be true to myself and god.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What is your dream.......

Are you willing to lay hold of your dreams?

I'm not talking about a wish – a wish is usually only a passing thought that most people never act on.

But a dream is something that captures your heart and spirit. It ignites your imagination and fills you with an unquenchable hope.

It becomes something you can't easily set aside.
Dreams consume your thinking and fuel your excitement and passion.

It can happen in a single moment, or it can captivate your thoughts for years.

Sometimes when the dream is really big, you embrace it, and somehow it feels like the dream embraces you.
Our dreams are often about experiencing a better life, about achieving greater things … they are pictures we have of the future that reveal a part of our lives that will be greater than the past.
It takes courage to dream.

Any time you dare to dream, there are risks involved.

What if it never happens? What if it costs too much? What if people laugh at you?
It's hard to hold on to your dreams. It's hard to believe when the world and those around you give you no reason to press in and press on.

I know in my life, I would never have realized some of the amazing dreams that God has blessed me with if it had not been for the encouragement of God, friends, and family.

I ask God, to speak words of hope, life and encouragement concerning my future.
I wish that everyone could have an encouraging voice like that in their life, but sometimes it's not always the case. In fact, sometimes those closest to you can actually be the biggest "unbelievers" of your dreams.
I believe that one thing God has called me to be is an encouraging voice in your life:

Let me encourage you:

a dream doesn't always have to be something spectacular like winning an Olympic medal or becoming president.
What's the vision from God that's captured your heart, that's lingered, that won't go away? Are you still holding on to it or have you let it go? If you have, the time has come to pick it back up again and reclaim your dream.

Don't let anything hold you back.

Don't let anyone keep you from dreaming.

The dreams God has given you are treasures worth living for.

They are worth the price, I promise!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is the grass greener on the other side....

it doesn't matter what has happened to you, it matters what you do with what has happened to you. Life is like a poker game. You don't get to choose the cards you are dealt, but it's entirely up to you how to play the hand. it is not our abilities that show what we try are it is our choices. Choice not chance, determines you destiny. It's up to you to decide what you are worth how you matter and how make meaning in the world. No one else has you gifts your set of talents ideas interest. You are an original a masterpiece. all my jobs prepared me for my life assignments.

You develop with each experience. No one feels completely confident or secure. We get mere moments of that. We're all afraid of making mistake that will ruin our lives. There's probably no such thing. Even if we made every mistake we feared would ruin us our lives wouldn't be ruined. they would be changed. We're all scared that we're doing it wrong, that people don like us, that we'll never be smart enough. don't fight it. make it roller-coaster scary. Enjoy the bumps, the wild turns, the ups and downs, the almost-lost-my-lunch lurches. Life will kick you around like a World Cup soccer ball. keep your bounce. enjoy the ride Fear and excitement are best friends. Don't try to fill anyone else's shoes. the world doesn't' need you to be Mother Teresa , Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Michael Jordan, Maya Angelou, or Bill Gates the world needs


Sunday, August 15, 2010

How long do we wait....

We'll call it the middle. In everything, there's a beginning, an end, and a middle. The beginning is sometimes a little bit exciting because it's a new thing. And the end is certainly exciting because it’s where we experience the victory. But, oh…that middle! The Saturdays may be even harder than the Fridays because on Saturday, we're in the grave and we’re not sure what’s going to happen next.Most of the time, we don’t know how long the middle's going to last, and although God knows…He's not telling. (Isn't He great at keeping secrets?) So we need to remember that when we’re going through the middle of something, we can be assured Sunday always comes after Friday. But we have to endure Saturday—we have to outlast the devil, remain in faith, patience and love When we do, we will enjoy the resurrection benefits and blessings that come on Sunday.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dont play it safe...

how often do we see this same scenario play out in our own lives? We set out to complete a mission and have our goal in mind only to run straight into a wall of fear. It doesn't take a television show to know how fear can block us from pursuing our dreams. Fear is the enemy of confidence, and it can keep you from your God-given destiny. The only way to break the power of fear and build confidence is to move forward. Confidence isn't built by playing it safe. It's not built when you simply stand still. It's built when you press past your fear.
Throughout life, we all have opportunities to either shrink back and settle where it's familiar, or we can take a step of faith and embrace the new things God has in store. Remember, you were never created to be stagnant. You were never created to take that "walk of shame;" you were created to win. Don't allow fear to hold you back. Keep stretching, keep growing, keep learning and tap into the confidence God has placed on the inside of you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Take captive of every thought

So many people today are living far below the level that God intends simply because they allow negative thoughts to inhabit their minds. When negative thoughts take root in your thinking, they grow like weeds and ultimately direct your life. That's why the Bible tells us to take captive
every thought and make it obedient to the Word of God.
Think about it this way; if you went home today and noticed a rattlesnake in the corner of your living room, what would you do? You probably wouldn't just think, "Well, I'll get to that a little bit later. Let me watch the rest of the ballgame. Let me get a bite to eat, then I'll deal with that." No, you'd have a fit! You'd call 911or Billy the Exterminator. You'd get a neighbor to help you. You'd do anything you could to get that thing out. Why? Because it's something harmful, something destructive in your house. Well, those negative thoughts that the enemy feeds our minds can be just as harmful and destructive if we don't immediately get rid of them. Those negative thoughts can cause all kinds of problems and even steal our destiny. We need to have that same aggression, that same sense of urgency in dealing with negative thinking as we would
if we were dealing with a harmful snake.
The scripture says in Proverbs, "As a person thinks in his heart, so he will become." Let me ask you today, what's going on in your mind? Are you thinking good thoughts about yourself? Are you thinking positive thoughts about your future? Are there any negative thoughts that you need to get rid of? Start by speaking the Word of God over your life and declaring His victory. Every time a negative thought comes, chase it away with the Word of God. When you take captive every thought, you are reprogramming your mind and setting your life on the course of victory God has in store for you!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words have power

“And so blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right!” (James 3:10, NLT).
Did you know you have the power to bless or curse your future? Your words have tremendous power. If you go around saying things like “I don’t have what it takes. I’m so clumsy; I can’t get anything right. I’m so undisciplined. I’ll probably never lose this weight,” you just cursed your future. No, we’ve got to be extremely careful about what we allow to come out of our mouths. Realize your words are setting the direction for your life. Let me ask you today, which direction are you going? Are you declaring good things? Are you blessing your life, speaking words of faith over your future? Or, are you going around saying negative things like “Nothing good ever happens to me. I’ll probably never get out of debt. I’ll never break this addiction?” Today, choose to bless your future. Choose to declare what God says. As you align your words with His Word, you’re setting your future up for success. You’re preparing your way for victory, and you will fulfill the destiny He has planned for you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Patience, Love and Faith.

What are the treasures that you're looking for in your life? The treasure of a restored relationship? The treasure of health? The treasure of a fulfilled dream? Hebrews 6:12 tells us that through faith and patience we will inherit God's promises.

How do you stay in faith when it's taking a long time and you don't see anything happening? Let patience have its perfect work. tell yourself every day, "This could be the day it turns around. This could be the day I start to feel better. This could be the day I get the phone call I've been waiting for." Keep standing, keep speaking, and keep believing because through faith and patience you will see His promises fulfilled

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Your inner circle.

Your inner circle, those who are closest to you, should be people who celebrate who you are; people who are happy when you succeed. They should be people who believe the very best in you. Remember, it’s not the quantity of friends that’s important, it’s the quality of friends. Choose your friends wisely so you can be all that God has called you to be.

“…Do not throw your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6, NAS).Do you realize you have treasure on the inside of you? You could say that your pearls are what God has given you to be a blessing to the world around you—your gifts, talents and abilities. When you get around true friends, people who really believe in you, they won’t be jealous of your gifts. They won’t constantly question who you are. They won’t try to talk you out of your dreams. It will be just the opposite. They’ll help you polish your pearls, develop your pearls, enhance your pearls, and grow your pearls. In other words, they’ll give you ideas. They’ll connect you with people they know. They’ll help push you further along. If you stay around people who don’t value your gifts nor appreciate what you have to offer, that’s casting your pearls among swine.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two are better then One....

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother"(Proverbs 18:24, NIV).

Do you know how important it is to be connected to the right people? Your destiny is too big to accomplish on your own. But God has already arranged for certain people to speak faith into you. He has already placed in your path people who will inspire you, challenge you and help you accomplish your dreams. But the reason some people never reach their highest potential is because they never get away from the wrong people.
Recognize today that not everyone can go where God is taking you. You've got to connect with people who understand your destiny and can call forth your seeds of greatness. You don't have time to spend on people who are always pushing you down, telling you what you can't do, or never giving you their approval no matter how hard you try. Friend, life is too short to drag people along. If you will get the wrong people out of your life, then God will bring in the right people so you can fulfill the destiny He has in store for you.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

God will restore the years stolen

"and i will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten" (Joel 2:25)

We serve a god of restoration you may have had some disappointments or unfair, or negative things happen in your life, but instead of dwelling on the past or the negative things, focus on God promises because God wants to restore everything that's been stolen from you life. He wants to restore your joy, your peace, your health, your relationships, your finances. But here's the key" you have to have a VISION for it. you have to get your hopes up and decide to get your thoughts and words going in the right direction. Today choose to focus on the future and release past hurts through forgiveness, draw a line in the sand and say "i am a child of the most high god, and I'm not going to live my life negative and defeated. This is a new day my brothers and sisters in Christ,and god has many blessings for you believe and have FAITH..

Friday, July 30, 2010

Change is necessary

Proverbs 27 says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Let me ask you, are your friends making you stronger? Are they challenging you to become a better parent, a better spouse, a better giver, a better leader, a better person? You, too, may have to make some changes in order to be all that God has called you to be. You may have to change where you do business, where you workout, or where you shop. You may have to change who you eat lunch with every day at the office. Life is too short, and your time is too valuable. Learn to say goodbye to toxic relationships and invest your energy where it counts—on your family, on your marriage, on being all that God has called you to be!

change is necessary for growth, spiritually and physically. Sometimes you must leg go of the old to be blessed with the new. Holding on to toxic relationships will drain you.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

God wants to amaze you....

The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house," says the LORD Almighty. "And in this place I will grant peace…" (Haggai 2:9, NIV).

God wants to amaze you with His goodness! We are living in a day where God is increasing His favor. Maybe you have seen God's goodness to a certain degree. In reality, you haven't seen anything yet! God has favor in your future that will supersede anything that you've seen in the past.
The Scripture talks about how the glory of the latter day will be greater than the glory of the former day. That means what God did for your parents or grandparents, He's going to surpass in your generation. The blessing and favor of past generations was good, but we serve a God of increase! He has greater things in store for your future! Imagine, receiving blessings from the Almighty God. It will not just be one it will be numerous blessings...
Today, I encourage you to get your hopes up. I encourage you to enlarge your vision. Be expecting God to bring opportunities across your path. Be expecting to meet the right people and get the right breaks. Prepare your heart and mind to receive the increase and blessing God has in store for you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Be the best butterfly you can be........

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10, NIV) Are you comfortable in your own skin? In other words, do you recognize yourself as the treasure God made you; or are you constantly looking for approval and comparing yourself to a neighbor, co-worker or friend? Do you try to out-dress them or out-perform them? Are you always looking for ways to one-up them?Friend, it’s time to let all of that go. Comparison is a distraction. Comparison is a thief. It steals your time, energy, focus and joy. You aren’t here to impress anybody; you don’t have to prove anything because you are God’s special workmanship. He created you with a purpose for a purpose. You are empowered and equipped to do everything He’s called you to do.If you will choose to stay free from a spirit of competition and just run your own race, not only will you enjoy your life more, but you’ll see your gifts and talents come out to the full. You’ll see His blessing and favor in a greater way, and you’ll move forward into the life of victory He has in store!
Today, no matter what you may be facing, no matter what disappointment you may be struggling with, know that God is still there. He does not condemn you, but He is reaching out His hand of strength and restoration. His love goes way beyond our doubts. Can you open your heart and receive that love today? Why don't you let Him restore your faith and hope? Let Him restore your peace. Let Him refresh the dry and broken place and pour out His abundant blessing on every area of your life.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

God works in your favor

Life can be full of ups and downs twist and turns. We've all had to face many challenges, difficulties, and obstacles. But did you know that everything you've been through up until this very moment - is getting you prepared for what God is going to do in your life/future. Every disappointment, setbacks, and every person that did you wrong, or every lonely night you have endured, God is going to turn around and use for your GOOD !!!

During difficult times, we grow and mature. That's when our FAITH is stretched and our character is developed. God didn't send that hardship but he'll use it to get you prepared for your next step. Those adversities will help make you and mold you into the person you are called to be.

You may be experiencing tough times today but remember nothing is ever wasted. Have the attitude that says "this is a new day things are shifting in my favor this difficulty is NOT going to stop me its going to promote me it was meant to bring me down BUT i know that GOD is going to use it to lift me up and lead me into blessings all the days of my life"

(Romans 8:28 we know that in all things god works for the good of those who love him)

Healthy self image......

Sometimes all it takes is the persistent of one rose to make a rose bush look beautiful. the same i belive go's for us it takes our own self worth and self image to make us stand out from the rest. some of my own personal reflections on what i believe to be the key to a healthy self image.

1. Know god creat you and he loves you

2. You have faults and weaknesses, and you want to change, beleive that god is working in your life, he is changing you bit by bit

3. Everyone has faults so you are not a complete failute just because you are not perfect

4. dont be controlled by wht people think say or do. Even ifthey totally reject you , you will sruvive God has promised never to reject you or condemn you as long as you keep belieiving

5.God has a good plan for your life, you will fulfill your destiny and be all you can be you have god given talents and you should use them to help others

6. you can do all things you need to do through jesus and god

7. like yourself. if you want to change then change but dont reject yourself.

Enjoy all tthings.

Romans 14 is an excellent chapter in the Bible to bring liberty in this area. Verses 5 and 6 say: One man esteems one day as better than another [holier], while another man esteems all days alike [holy]. Let everyone be fully convinced (satisfied) in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it in honor of the Lord. He also who eats, eats in honor of the Lord, since he gives thanks to God;
while he who abstains, abstains in honor of the Lord and gives thanks to God. My personal translation of Romans 14:5,6 is that one man sees prayer and Bible study as better (holier) than ordinary tasks, while a person who’s really free in the Lord sees them all alike (all holy), because whatever he does, he does in honor of the Lord. This is true liberty—to be able to live an undivided life where we categorize some things as common and some as holy. As a result, we never enjoy the common things because we’re desperately trying to either avoid them completely or at least rush through them so we can get to those things that are holy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Be the best you can be

let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…" (Hebrews 12:1-2, NKJ).

weatehr it's having a singing talent, playing an instrument or grabbing bugs. be the best you can be.

It's easy to be tempted to go through life competing with everyone around us. When we see someone who's more talented, better looking or has more gifts, instead of running our race and being comfortable with who we are, oftentimes we feel inferior and think, "I've got to catch up to them." The problem with this unhealthy competition is that it's a never-ending cycle. There will always be someone ahead of us. But, it's a very freeing thing when you realize, "I'm not competing with you. I don't have to have as big a house as my neighbor to feel good about myself. I don't have to keep up with my co-worker. I don't have to be a certain size. No, I understand that I'm not in competition with my friend, my neighbor or my co-worker. Instead, I'm going to be the best me that I can possibly be." Friend, that's an attitude God can work with. When you focus on being who God made you to be, that's when you'll rise up higher and position yourself for every spiritual blessing He has in store for you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be yourself.

your life would go to a whole new level if you would just quit competing with everyone around you. It takes a lot of physical and emotional energy to try to impress people all day long. But it's very freeing to say, "I don't have to impress anybody today. I have nothing to prove. I'm secure in who I am. And I am not going to feel bad if you look better, make more money, or get more recognition. I don't have to keep up with you; I'm going to run my own race."
Get free from comparison today so that you can move forward into the destiny God has in store for you!
…Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1, NKJV).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bird waiting and expecting

"…Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it…"
(Psalm 81:10, NLT).
Do you have your mouth open wide today? In other words, are you expecting God to fill you and increase you beyond measure? Are ready for Him to satisfy your needs and desires with good things? Think about a baby bird. When they are ready to eat, they open their mouths wide. They trust that they will be fed. They expect it. They look for it. They are ready for it.
It should be the same way with us. We need to keep our spiritual mouths open by expecting the goodness of God to satisfy us. Negative thinking is like closing your mouth. A closed mouth can't be filled. But Jesus is saying today, why don't you take the limits off? Why don't you trust and believe for supernatural opportunities?
That little bird waiting for food isn't concerned about where the mother is going to get it from. It isn't concerned about how she's going to dig it up. No, that bird just opens its mouth, trusting and waiting. Why don't you do the same today? Trust that God is working behind the scenes. Open your mouth wide today. You won't be disappointed. God is faithful to His Word, and He will fill you and satisfy you when you put your trust in Him!