Wednesday, September 1, 2010

By his grace....

i asked god, and he did not turn away. he did answer me but the answer i received was not what i expected. I'm surprised, baffled and lost. I do know this though, that God's will for me is perfect. I will follow his path, and choose to see this change as a positive stepping stone. god's grace is going to be there at every turn and corners of this new change. His grace is power, his grace will give me the strength, wisdom and favor to accomplish what i cant do in my own strength. It is gods way of letting me know he is in control, if i want his perfect will for my life then i must follow and abide by his word. I wont lie, it is difficult, scary and overwhelming. But i will step out in faith and allow god to guide me. Wish me luck my friends a new chapter is being introduced in my life. The first page so far is blank, but the first couple of words i know are these:

"but whatever I am now, it is all because god poured out his special favor on me and not with9out results. for i have worked harder than any of the others yet it was not I but GOD who was working through me by his grace" (1COR: 15:10)

I will keep you posted my friends, god bless you all and please whatever is going in your life, by faith let GOD empower you to walk through that difficulty.

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