Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Healthy self image......

Sometimes all it takes is the persistent of one rose to make a rose bush look beautiful. the same i belive go's for us it takes our own self worth and self image to make us stand out from the rest. some of my own personal reflections on what i believe to be the key to a healthy self image.

1. Know god creat you and he loves you

2. You have faults and weaknesses, and you want to change, beleive that god is working in your life, he is changing you bit by bit

3. Everyone has faults so you are not a complete failute just because you are not perfect

4. dont be controlled by wht people think say or do. Even ifthey totally reject you , you will sruvive God has promised never to reject you or condemn you as long as you keep belieiving

5.God has a good plan for your life, you will fulfill your destiny and be all you can be you have god given talents and you should use them to help others

6. you can do all things you need to do through jesus and god

7. like yourself. if you want to change then change but dont reject yourself.

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