Saturday, August 28, 2010


There was a time in my life that i felt alone, rejected, and just plain lonely. I felt moments of despair. i wanted to give up on life, on myself. Then when i look up at the heavens and scream and cry out father gods name something always happens. A burst of strength enters my body. The holy spirit stirs me up. I start to feel good and alive. In my spiritual walk, i have endured many things. But what i have learned is this..

Negative attitude and complaining will solve nothing, it will only bring me more negativity in your life. When you want to give up look up and cry for gods help, he is always there and ready to send you blessings. My attitude today is , Sinus infection, flue, pulled muscle, loneliness, finance issues. NO PROBLEM, So what i say, fear? who cares. I used to be afraid of loneliness and rejection , NOW no more. I speak up with no regrets , no fears no holding back. God is with me therefore who dares be against me. I enjoy the little blessings in my life and treasure it. shake off offenses and move on. i say if life is going to send you negativity so be it, just dig in your heels and move forward. god loves you and he has you at the palm of his hands . he is watching you and aligning all in your favor for great blessings.. all it takes is forgiveness's, kindness, and a little boldness.. god bless you my friends, and don't give up god is next to you behind you and all around you..


  1. Such an encouraging post. Has encouraged my heart this day. I look forward to His blessings. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  2. You are so right, negativity only brings more of it into you life.