Monday, October 25, 2010

Face-to-face .........

In this day of e-mail, text messages, and cell phones, taking for personal visits is not always a priority. i myself am guilty of that. When was the last time you had a face to face visit with a fellow Friend?????

while there are many ways to communicate there is no substitute for taking time to fellowship and share your love, experiences, family, laughter and gods word with a friend. I encourage that today you stop and think of who in your life is in need of a face-to face visit..


  1. baracka, thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment you left on my latest post! I'm lucky enough to have a friend with whom I meet in person quite often. I think you are right that we need to stay in touch face to face with people. But I'm also very happy for the blog land because it made me to know people who I have so many things in common and I find it very enriching to be in contact with these people even though I can not see them in person... have a beautiful day! blessings!!

  2. there's no substitute for personal contact...thanks for the reminder.

    one love.

    I love your name, by the way. :-) ANd I am thrilled to be following your lovely blog. And yes, people need face to face visits, at times, I am that someone.
    loving you

  4. True. Face to face you can read people so much better. Blessings.