Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new things GOD has for you

Oftentimes, people set out to accomplish their dreams, but they face a setback or disappointment, and then they feel like their time has passed.Or they feel lost, and cant seem to hold on to their dream, others have  responsibilities throws them off course. But let me tell you today, no matter where you’ve come from, no matter what’s happened in your past, God wants to make you new. He wants to give you a fresh start. If you feel like you’ve missed opportunities in your life, if you feel like your time has passed, remember, today is a new day. You are a new person, and God has new opportunities in store for you. Lift up your eyes of faith and look forward to the new thing God has for you in this New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

His love is upon you

Today let me reassure you that God knows right where you are, and He knows how to get you where you need to be. Even when things don’t go the way you planned, His hand AND LOVE is upon you. Do not be afraid. Trust that God is working behind the scenes on your behalf, that He will fulfill your dreams and lead you into the life of blessing that He has prepared for you.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

the sweetest things in life are free

looks so good please have one

the end result.... enjoy

This Christmas, I encourage you to trust God a little bit more. Believe that whatever you do or give with love for —the poor, the hungry, the sick, people in prison and those who are neglected and alone—will be done for you also.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good will come back to you........


Make this Christmas season the first of many seasons focused on what matters in life -people and the way you treat them.

Focus on doing good and good will come back to you. Don't allow yourself to be weighed down by worries and concerns; instead, trust God and do good to others because you can make a lasting impact with little gestures

Monday, December 6, 2010

Value the moments

For the last couple of days family and friend have gathered together to color. I began to join and slowly i realized what a calming and uplifting moment it was for my soul. I felt calm and spiritualy re-freshed. i realized then that iwas taking those moments for granted. it was then that i decided that coloring is a wondeful hobby

Sometimes our days can be so full and busy that we forget how fragile life really is. It’s easy to allow little things to creep in and steal our peace and joy. Maybe something doesn’t go our way or someone says something upsetting. Even traffic can cause us to lose focus if we let it. We have to remember that each day is a gift. If we choose to focus on what’s wrong, we’ll miss the beauty that each day has to offer.

I encourage you today; don’t let the precious moments of life pass you by. Don’t wait for holidays and birthdays to show people that you care. Remember, each day is unique and irreplaceable. You have been given time that can be invested or wasted; hours that can be used or misused. That’s why the psalmist prayed to God, “Teach us to number our days.”


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let GOD settle your case

Every person on earth has experienced difficulty. We've all had times when we've been hurt, wronged or taken advantage of. But God is a just God. Hebrews 10:30 tells us that He will repay us the exact compensation owed to us. He is the one to settle and solve the cases of His people.

Do you need a case settled today? Maybe you've had unfair things happen. Maybe somebody stole your childhood or left you with a bunch of children to raise by yourself. Perhaps a business partner cheated you, and you lost a lot of money. You could easily be angry and bitter, trying to pay them back. But instead, be encouraged because God is a just God. He knows every person who has hurt you. He has seen every person who has violated you or left you alone and afraid. Nobody else may have seen it, but God saw it; and He knew it wasn't right. Today, He is saying, "I'm going to settle your cases. I'm going to make your wrongs right."

Friend, God never brings you out the same; He always brings you out better. He will make the enemy pay for bringing that injustice into your life. Do your part and let it go. When you choose to forgive, you are handing everything over to God. When you forgive, you open the door for His forgiveness and redemption in your own live. Today, choose forgiveness and let God be your vindicator. Let Him settle your cases because He promises to repay you double in this life!