Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Play......

Several days ago as i was cleaning my closet i found some Jacks. Wow did it bring back memories. I used to love playing this game. i decided to play for a few minutes, a few minutes turned into an hour. It was the best hour of my life. I was at peace full of joy and love. I could not contain my laughter as i played and lost and played again.

"the law of love could be best understood and learned throughout little children" by Mahatma Gandhi....

At some point we stopped playing and having fun like when we were children. As we became adults we became more serious bout life. But you know what seriousness brings serious circumstances into our lives... When you play and have fun you feel really good and feel good about your challenges and circumstances. My friends don't forget life is suppose to be fun. Play with your imagination. Laugh, skip, run, fly a kite, play jacks, play with your old dolls, the point is just play... enjoy life


  1. Oh man when I saw this picture it brought back memories. I used to love to play jacks as a kid. Somewhere in my house I still have a stash somewhere. Thanks for the memory.

  2. Baracka, I don't know this game but I'm happy you had a great time. Yes, indeed, it's sad that so many of us become so serious. I do play with my son a lot and sometimes I wonder where this little child that's in me was hidden the previous years? ... blessings!