Friday, July 16, 2010

True Story of Faith!!!

my name will be kept anonymous,

but i would like to share a true story with you. after many years of trying to do things on my own, i realized that there has to be a better way. I have suffered rejection, verbal abuse, loneliness and sadness. I have felt depressed beyond measure. I felt that i was in a dark whole with out an escape. But one day i could not take it anymore i was pacing back and forth in my room crying. i lifted my head up and asked why, why all this suffering, how do i move forward. my heart started to stir up, and i felt that my heart was being squeezed with love and peace. I felt a voice tell me. "when you are tempted to get down when thing aren't going your just remember I'm am here for you, I your faithful god will not leave your side.", Friends as you trust god and stand in faith as you boldly declare his promises you are positioning yourself to receive his blessings. No matter what your circumstances look like, remember payday is on its way-and you will experience the blessing and reward God has promised.

To make a long story short, I was able to leave my abusive relationship, I found shelter and support with friends who helped me get my GED and then my college degree. Today I'm happy and walking by Faith not by sight in Jesus name AMEN.!!

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