Saturday, July 17, 2010


while we are waiting for our blessings to come forth, we may grow frustrated or impatient, its like sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office, its never easy. God has said he has planted a seed in us -and then we have to enter a time of preparation before that seed can bear fruit. God does not push shove demand manipulate force people he leads, guides prompts and suggests. our wait is easier to endure when we believe gods timing is perfect, god is in fact preparing that mate, preparing that right job, developing your relationship, strengthening your finances, but the the one praying which is you or me gets tired of waiting since he or she doesn't know what is happening behind the scenes, god good plan does take time and often more time than we anticipated seeing the fulfillment of it requires a willingness to wait for the blessing in due season

there is a right time for all things in our lives and there is safety in being in gods perfect timing, what god has for you no person on earth can take it from you ... believe and have an attitude of faith that your blessings coming, give it time let god work behind the scenes.

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