Friday, July 16, 2010

How to pass the Test and Trials of Life.

everytime god/life give you challenges, think of it as a test. (Jer. 11:20) states thatGod tests our hearts, emotions and thinking powers. Well you may think thats not nice!!! But we can tell how far we still have to go by how we react in times of struggles and test. Attitudes of the heart that we did not know we had often come out through test and trials. Embrace your struggles, and tests as oppurtunites for GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT .

So many things come our way every day that are just nothing more than test. For example sometimes when we haveto wait in line, or stuck in traffic, or when your boss tells you to do something we do not want to do , all those daily conveniences are tests. God will bless you when he sees that you have a good attitude, that you do not get easily upset or loose your joy. God wants to bless you and promote you but we must do out part and have a good attitude and stay in FAITH

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