Thursday, January 26, 2012

"in due time"

being frustrated does nothing for the situation you are in. I'm well aware of how one feels when you want things to be done "NOW" .. But God's timing is perfect.

Even when we don't think things will get better or that your life will change. God's good plan does take time and often more time then we anticipate. Seeing the fulfillment of it requires a willingness to wait for the blessing in due season. Levitcus 26:4 says "i will give you rain in due season", believe that God knows when we are ready and when everyone else involved is ready and when it fits into God's corporate plan, you will see your life change , you will see all those blessings God has promised.

Have faith today that God is working behind the scenes for you. enjoy where you are while your are on the way to where you are going. God's timing is perfect and being frustrated will not make him hurry Enjoy today because right now it's all you have!

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