Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lift up your eyes

When we are depressed, it seems everything around us is falling apart. We lose strength our heads and hands and hearts all begin to hand down. Even our eyes and our voices are lowered. We become downcast because we are looking at our problem rather than at GOD.

God encourages us. Psalm 24:7- lift up your heads and  the king of glory may come in
Genesis 12:14 lift up your eyes and look around in all direction for god will bless you

decide to lift up your head and eyes and look at the possibilities not the problems around you. Trust God to lead us into an even better situation.  We must never magnify the facts of our circumstances above God and the power of his Word. When God speaks THINGS CHANGE!!!

Have faith that God is speaking to your circumstances today.  If you place your faith in God he will bless you everywhere you hurt! GOD BLESS YOU MY FRIENDS!


  1. Baracka blessings to you! Sending much much love your way!!!

  2. How true yet often forgotten, Baracka. Thank you for this perfect reminder

  3. I always love your bits of faith and beauty!