Monday, January 31, 2011

Let your faith put a smile on your face

I dont know who the woman in the picture is, but when i look at her i see love peace and joy and I CRAVE IT...   I think You have to believe and let your faith open the door so you can see it!

Lets  Get our hopes up! Start celebrating what God is about to do! In other words, start acting like 2011 is your year—talk like it's your year, walk like it's your year, dress like it's your year and think like it's your year! Don't make excuses. Don't come up with all the reasons why this is not for you. Be a believer; not a doubter. Get up every morning and announce it by faith, "
Then get ready for a year of abundance—abundance of joy love and peace, abundance in your health, abundance in finances. I believe and declare it's going to be an exceptional year for you and your family because I hear the sound of abundance coming your way!

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  1. every moment of life is ours, as long as we are breathing. one love.